Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Notes on Expressions from Lackadaisy (and other goodies)

Lackadaisy is an award winning webcomic created by Tracy J. Butler that is set in 1927 St. Louis (a place and era that Butler has researched extensively). Although the comic is populated by anthropomorphic cats, it owes more to Disney, Bluth and Manga than anything that falls under the heading of "furry". It's tremendously talented creator has generously shared her processes, tips and techniques on the website, including this very informative and entertaining page on expressions. Below is just a segment of what's offered:

Also, be sure to check out her other tutorials: How to Draw, How to Paint, and Making a Comic. And a heads up to my students; in the near future you will be given an assignment that involves drawing convincing  drapery and costuming. Butler gives us some excellent examples of simplified yet very solid clothing and fabric throughout her comics. See a few of the samples below, and be sure to visit  the archives for more!


  1. A love TracyJBs art of "Lackadaisy Cats" <3

  2. Wow... I feel special because I managed to comment on this in class before it showed up in the blog! lol.
    She has been a huge inspiration for me over the last couple years.

    (Maria Arnt)

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