Monday, September 13, 2010

Shane Prigmore

Shane Prigmore is currently a development and story artist at Dreamworks Feature Animation. He has worked in traditional animation, CG, Live action, and Stop motion, for both Film and television as well as in theme park design and book illustration. Prigmore's credits include CORALINE (Character design (Annie Award),Visual development, animation pre-vis), the IRON GIANT (animator), the LORD of the RINGS the TWO TOWERS (animator), SPACEHEADZ (Illustrator), FOSTERS HOME for IMAGINARY FRIENDS( Designer/Writer), How to Train Your Dragon (Design), Crood Awakenings (Design), Project Gilroy (co-director, co-creator, Writer), Dinner for Schmucks (Creative Consultant),and Teaching 2nd year animation at CAL ARTS.

See more of Shane's work here:

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